The Governance of the Lake

The lake and the common lakeshore property surrounding it, is governed by a resident-run Board of Trustees consisting of six residents – three from each side of the lake.  Trustees are elected to three-year staggered terms, by a majority vote of all Lakeside homeowners, at the Annual Resident Meeting held annually in April.

The Board of Trustees govern the lake's budget and annual assessments for the maintenance of the lake and repair and replacement of the lake shore common property. Board members also volunteer their time to oversee and manage the many projects related to the lake including maintenance of the bridges, towpath, mowing, lake treatment, geese control, landscaping and help in monitoring recreational activities by residents on the lake and along the lake shore. 

Many residents take part in the lake community by volunteering to work with the Board in keeping the lake common areas well-maintained including working with lake treatment companies, mowing contractors and landscaping.  An annual work-day typically held in the spring also focuses attention on the maintenance of the lake, including landscaping, picking up debris, raking the towpath, and much more. Anyone interested in helping with community activities may contact any of the Board members.

About the Association

Lakeside Village Association homeowners association (HOA) consists of over 80 homes located in southern Westerville, north of I-270 and east of St. Route 3, on E. Schrock Road.

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