Unlike other neighborhoods, buying and owning a home in the Lakeside Village Association neighborhood is unique! Realtors and Prospective Buyers should familiarize themselves with the governing documents of this Homeowners Association before choosing this neighborhood.  

In the 1970s, during Westerville's expansion, the developer Northeast Company realized a unique opportunity within the southern Westerville area known as Woodlake Colony. Through partnership with Woodlake Colony, Northeast Company looked to create a neighborhood whose centerpiece would be a lake commonly owned and cared for by over 80 nearby homes. The entire area was hilly, heavily wooded, and included a bog and swamp area. The emphasis was to retain most existing trees and vegetation, transform the bog and swamp into a 3-acre man-made lake, and to build nearly 30 cluster homes on the 12-acre west side. Later, through additional land purchase and reserve transfers to a separate gated community, Lakeside Forest, 60 cedar homes were planned for the 12-acre east side, with the lake as a shared amenity.

The 1975 BIA Parade of Homes highlighted the west area as it was being developed and included seven homes on Lakeside Drive and E. Schrock Road within Lakeside Village.

  • The Lakeside Village Association comprises homes on both the east and west side of the lake.

  • The Lake is a shared common property amenity for all Lakeside Village Association members along with the grassy area around the lake extending approximately 15 feet from the lake shoreline.  This common area extends to the grassy area on the Northwest side above the lake, east of the gravel towpath.  See map
  • All members pay an annual fee every April 1. 
  • Lakeside Village Association has Warranty Deeds, a Code of Regulations, Bylaws and Amendments which apply to residents on both sides of the lake.  The east side of the lake has another set of Warranty Deeds and regulations which they also follow.
  • Realtors and Prospective Buyers should review all LVA Warranty Deeds, Bylaws (Code of Regulations) Rules and Regulations, Procedures and Organization and the Lakeside Drive Rules if applicable to the property.  The realtor should make sure that a folder containing the appropriate materials is in a folder at the home for sale for review by prospective buyers.  Links to these LVA materials are also available under the 'Governance' tab.

Lakeside Forest:

  • The homes on the East side of the Lake, Lakeside Forest, have additional Warranty Deeds and HOA fees which pay for the upkeep of the common LFA property and roads, as well as amenities such as the pool, sports court and gazebo. More information on the Lakeside Forest HOA can be found at  
  • The amenities of Lakeside Forest (pool, sports court and gazebo) are not associated with or available to residents on the West side of the lake.  

About the Association

Lakeside Village Association homeowners association (HOA) consists of over 80 homes located in southern Westerville, north of I-270 and east of St. Route 3, on E. Schrock Road.

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