Temporary use (24 hour) of common property for personal recreational activities is permitted as long as no damage is done to the lake common property. The board retains the right to stop inappropriate usage.


No conveyance vehicles (bikes, etc)  are allowed except for strollers or walkers used for assisting the elderly or people with disabilities. 

West Section: On the west section of the lake are Adirondack chairs underneath pine trees and a pea-gravel walking path with additional access paths for west side residents to easily access the lake, as well as a variety of trees and ornamental grasses. The path roughly separates lake common property and homeowner's private property. 
North Section: At the north section of the lake, a wooden bridge crosses over the start of the run-off section of the lake. Looking south from this bridge gives a great view of the lake. The pea gravel path extends around the north edge of the lake where there is another bench and picnic table. The path continues alongside Lakeside Forest's tennis court and leads to the Causeway.
Causeway: The causeway on the east side of the lake divides the lake and Lakeside Forest's island area. In the late 1990s, discussions took place about developing this section of land into a "causeway" and around 2010 the Board and several volunteers planted a variety of trees and plants. With the removal of a small spillway in 2013, a bench was added for the enjoyment of lake shore walkers.
East Section: The causeway bridge leads to the east lake shore natural grass path. A bench is underneath a Sweet Gum tree planted in 2004. Continuing past residences of Lakeside Forest are docks, benches and the common property of Lakeside Forest. 
South Section: At the south end of the lake are Sweet Gum trees and a small stone area added in 2020 leading to the south bridge between the south lagoon and the lake. The lagoon fountain was replaced in June of 2020. This section of shoreline is not suited for walking. The lagoon includes a large culvert that runs underneath Schrock Road. When heavy rains occur, the lake level rises slightly and the culvert is cleaned of debris and the lake level returns to normal. Standing on the south bridge looking back north provides a full view of the lake.


In 1990, several homeowners requested to build docks along the lake shore for small boats. Once built by these individual homeowners, the docks were turned over as association common property and open to all residents at a minimum one-time cost to tie up a boat. Maintenance of the docks is part of the annual upkeep of the lake.


The private lake is for the use of Lakeside residents. Residents shall accompany their guests while fishing, boating, ice-skating, or engaging in any activity involving the lake or lake shore common property. All residents must inform their guests and short- and long-term tenants of all rules that pertain to these types of activities.


Residents shall have no excessively noisy activities along the lake between 11:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m., including loud music or conversation.


Feeding the geese and other waterfowl is prohibited at all times and may result in fines. Hundreds of hours go into geese management and feeding undermines these efforts. It is also against the law to kill or injure geese within city limits, however, the Lakeside Village Board retains a license to destroy geese nests and eggs. Any bird feeder that attracts geese or ducks is prohibited.


The lake is a private amenity for the exclusive use of Lakeside homeowners. Fishing does not require a license and is catch and release only.  The lake consists of run-off water from surrounding lots and streets and is treated with chemicals. Eating fish or other wildlife is not recommended.


Boats 15 feet or less in length, and quiet electric motors, are permitted and all are the personal property of individual members. Children, ages 10 and under, are to be accompanied by an adult and have life jackets on. Enough personal flotation devices for all persons on board should be present in boats while being used, (as required by an Ohio law which includes private lakes).  Boats are typically in the lake from April 1 to October 31 (dependent on weather and lake conditions). When not in the lake, residents are required to store all watercraft inconspicuously away from the lake on private property.


No swimming, wading or floating in the water is allowed. For the safety of domestic animals, this also includes no pets wading, jumping or swimming in the water.


Ice skating has been enjoyed by many through the past 45 years, but is an activity that is done at your own risk. It is recommended that the ice on the lake be at least four inches thick. For the past several years, residents have shoveled off snow in an area on the west side of the lake to be used for ice hockey and regular skating. Since the lake is private, it is to be used only by Lakeside residents and their accompanied guests for any lake or lake shore activities.


All pets must be under the control and supervision of their owners at all times while on lake common property. Owners are to pick up after the pets. Lakeside Village abides by the City of Westerville Police rules regarding dogs. Dogs cannot be allowed to roam freely at any time around the lake: you must be in complete control of your dog; please use a leash to prevent pets from jumping up on people, running after or catching any wildlife, running loosely around the lake, or jumping into the lake. Voice control is not sufficient. For the safety of resident domestic animals, no pets are to wade, jump or swim in the lake.


The Lakeside Village Board maintains oversight of all landscaping done on the lake common property along the lake shore as part of the annual assessments. Landscape changes on lake common property, initiated by a member, shall be pre-approved by the LVA board and shall be maintained and serviced by that member. The LVA board retains the right to remove, change or trim any plantings including trees growing on the lake common property without burden of reimbursement or replacement. Unauthorized plantings may be removed from lake common property. The responsible member must restore the lake common property to original state.

About the Association

Lakeside Village Association homeowners association (HOA) consists of over 80 homes located in southern Westerville, north of I-270 and east of St. Route 3, on E. Schrock Road.

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