Lake Common Amenity

Nestled into a small valley of southern Westerville, the Lakeside Village Lake is the low point between Schrock, Cherrington, Woodlake and Allview Roads. The entire area was originally a peat bog, the surface of which was a swamp. The 3-acre lake was ultimately formed with runoff from undeveloped land in the north and residential streets in the surrounding area. It has an average depth of about 5 feet.  

Lake Management

Lakeside Village Association (LVA) is an Ohio Planned Community with elected Board Members dedicated to fostering a sense of community and acting in a manner to protect, enhance, and manage our resources, principally the lake and its’ immediate surrounding land referred to as common property.  The elected LVA Board of Trustees is composed of six volunteer residents, three from each side of the lake, who are charged with oversight of the lake budget and management. The management of this beautiful lake amenity is funded through annual assessments of the 80 LVA homes. The lake is treated through a professional management company, and many residents volunteer for projects related to the lake management, landscaping, maintenance of lights and structures, wildlife protection, as well as administrative projects such as this web site. A resident Treasurer works with the Board to collect the annual assessments, monitor the budget, and manage checking and reserve accounts.

Common Wildlife Around and In the Lake

Several varieties of fish were stocked in the lake decades ago and include catfish, bluegill, bass, and several 3-4 foot white Amurs (carp) that help control some of the algae. These amurs are a sight to behold when they sun themselves.  There are snapping turtles, crawfish, and very vocal frogs! Some special resident birds include blue herons, hawks, Kingfishers, Double-Crested Cormorant, occasional swans, and most recently, a pair of wild turkeys.  A variety of ducks are always present and Canadian geese enjoy the lake, although the association has permits to help control the geese population. Various animals are seen throughout the year including deer, mink, fox, skunk, opossum, owls, birds of prey, coyote and raccoons.

Special lake features include:

  • several docks for small, low-powered watercraft such as pedal boats and kayaks

  • large stone rip rap surrounding the entire lakeshore, replaced in 2019

  • a lake shore walking path of pea gravel on the south, west and northwest sides of the lake and natural grass on the east side of the lake, all common property shoreline surrounding the entire lake.  This common property of LVA extends approximately 15 feet from the lake shore and then on the Northwest side above the lake, into the grassy area to the east of the gravel towpath.  See map

  • fishing, license-free, which is catch and release year-round

  • several regular and one lighted lake spray fountains

  • nearly 20 lake shore light posts

  • three wooden walking path bridges

  • a causeway with a wide variety of small trees and plantings

  • several benches, Adirondack chairs and picnic tables along the shore

  • shade trees along the shore including maple, sweet gum, ash, chestnut and pine

  • a variety of grasses and landscaped plantings along the shore

About the Association

Lakeside Village Association homeowners association (HOA) consists of over 80 homes located in southern Westerville, north of I-270 and east of St. Route 3, on E. Schrock Road.

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